Study/Travel Abroad Opportunities

International-mindedness through travel

One of the best ways to learn about other peoples and cultures is by travelling among them. There are many opportunities for international travel, including through universities, religious organizations, and civic clubs. We encourage our students to participate when able in international travel and to seek out opportunities for study abroad during their time at university.

Study Abroad/Student Exchange Programs

Below are links to a couple of study abroad/student exchange programs that IB students have enjoyed in the past. These are not sponsored by the school and the school does not fund these learning experiences.

Indiana University Honors Program in Foreign Language
Rotary Student Exchange: Poster, Application

Educational excursions

Below are a few opportunities for international travel organized by a few of our teachers. Stipulations for travel depends on the chaperones. Please contact them for more information.

WARNING: Please note that these trips are not sponsored by the IB magnet program, John Adams High School, nor the South Bend Community School Corporation
. They are sponsored and chaperoned by individual teachers.


Costa Rica
Spring Break 2021
Sponsored by Ms. Drake

April 2-11, 2021
Trip website:

Email [email protected]


July 2021
Sponsored by
Ms. Fleetwood Cortes

Trip flier
Trip powerpoint
Email: [email protected]