Mrs. Miller's 4th Hour World History Ancient Civilization Lesson (10/10/16)
Mrs. Miller's 4th hour World History class created and presented their own Ancient Civilizations in September. These civilizations had to include all the qualities of ancient civilizations including agriculture, irrigation systems, social structures, and organized government. 
     World History Class

                 Bone City Project   
World History Projects                      

Adams' David Engel meets Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg (9/29/16)

David Engel, a student in Mr. Szucs' fourth hour Government class, attended an event on the Notre Dame campus where he had the opportunity to listen to United States Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  He then presented an outstanding power point presentation to the class so they could share in his once in a lifetime  experience.
                                      David Engle

League of Women Voters (9/15/16)
On September 15, 2016 the Social Studies Department arranged for the League of Women Voters to be present in the cafeteria during all lunch periods to register students who were eligible to vote in the November 8 elections.  More than 20 students registered and will be voting for the first time.

Notre Dame Street Law Program
Mike Szucs' second hour government class is participating in the Street Law Program in conjunction with the University of Notre Dame Law School.  Two law students present law related government information twice a week for 12 weeks.  This extremely valuable and well-received program has been in place at John Adams for more than 30 years.

Presidential Debates at Notre Dame
More than 50 Social Studies students attended a presentation on Presidential Debates at the Debartolo Center on the Campus of the University of Notre Dame.  Admission was free and they received extra credit for attending and writing a reaction paper.

ND Law School Trial Advocacy Program
A number of Social Studies student volunteered to serve as jurors in conjunction with University of Notre Dame Law School's Trial Advocacy Program. Participating students spend a Saturday or Sunday at the St. Joseph County Courthouse listening to Notre Dame law students try a case before an actual judge and then render a verdict.  Students receive extra credit for their participation and writing a reaction paper.
JA Students work election polls
More than 30 students from Mr. Szucs' Government classes will be working at the polls on election day this 
November 8.  New state law makes election day a non-school day.  They will receive $85.50 for working from 6 AM until 6PM and will observe democracy at the grass roots level.